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Welcome to the brilliant, bolder new Excel Homes brand.

We’re starting the new decade off with a smarter, simpler brand to make your home-buying journey not only easier, but more enjoyable, too. It’s not just about brighter colours and a friendlier way of saying ‘how can we help you?’ Every step along the way has been streamlined to ensure you’re getting the best price, the absolute highest quality, and the spectacular home of your dreams.

It’s nice to see you!

Keeping it simple.

Mortgage and Down-Payment Assistance

Get the absolute best rate for your new home faster with the help of Excel’s mortgage partner, Ownest Financial. Ownest searches through more than 22,000 mortgages from 125 different lenders and puts you in the driver’s seat when it’s time to choose. It’s as easy as filling out a mortgage application. Need help with the down-payment? There’s a solution for that, too.

Designer-Curated Interior Selections

Design your interior in just one day. Our expert designers and craftspeople have narrowed down some of the finishing touches in your home. By refining our list of options to the very best in quality and lasting contemporary style and value, you don’t need to make multiple trips to the design centre, and you don’t need to choose from an endless number of product suppliers. All you need to do is choose the colours you love and watch your home come to life, all under rock-solid warranties, guided by experts.

Trusted Legal Partner

Save more than $1,200 thanks to Excel Homes’ legal partner, Boyce Law. The final stages of buying your home require third-party legal assistance for things like finalizing paperwork and acting as a witness for the transaction. You won’t need to search out legal representation for your purchase, and you won’t have to pay for it either, Excel has it taken care of.

Move-in Concierge: Smooth Move Program

Skip some of the biggest hassles of moving. Your free move-in concierge will assist you from day one by providing complimentary consultation to determine your moving needs, setting up utilities like power and internet, and even transferring insurance to your new address. With Virtuo, there’s virtually no limit to how much yourmove-in concierge can help you.


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